Wizards and magicians were revered by all ancient cultures. Their abilities to defy the laws of nature made them powerful allies. Stories of their power have been told throughout the history of humankind.


Jack Gonsalves is a 21st Century Wizard in the grand tradition of the masters. He will cast his spell around your marketing program to create an image that can last a lifetime and be told over and over again by those that have witnessed his work.


Your product or service will take on a magical quality as Jack artfully works it into his magical performance.   Prospects watch as Jack does the impossible, “before their very eyes,” as he points out product features, benefits and advantages.


Jack combines his delightful magic smoothly, with your personalized sales story, and is always requested for repeat performances by those who have seen his work.


For over thirty years, Jack has been active in the magic field. He has conceived original sales programs, trained sales-managers, and their sales forces with magic.


Jack is recognized as an expert in the magic and promotional fields, and his informative and entertaining lectures on M.A.G.I.C. (Movement, Attitude, Goals, Imagination, Commitment) have been enthusiastically received by many of the country’s top sales organizations.


His unique method of selling a product or a sales program through his entertaining magical presentation is without parallel.


Enhance your next trade show, or seminar with sales ideas an motivation that your group will remember.  Find the ancient book of books and chant the secret word to make Jack’s Marketing Magic work for you or you can call 1-207-277-1937 for available dates, or to arrange and audition.


Magic Marketing is a visual art and it must be seen to be believed.